Tilting Point

Your journey with us as a game developer

Want to work with the leader in free-to-play games publishing? You’re not alone! See all the major studios and brands that have partnered with Tilting Point, and why they trust our years of industry expertise and direct-to-players philosophy.

Publishing Strength

M&A - Experts in developer evaluation

Outstanding partner-first reputation

Value-add proposition to leading game titles

Network of world-class IPs

Enhanced platform distribution

Leader in subscription-based opportunities

Innovative cross-promotion platform (WIP)

Through strategic partnerships and robust ACQUISITION, Tilting Point has amassed over 80 game titles under one roof. Recognized as a global leader in free-to-play games PUBLISHING, we have the resources and the connections to grow even stronger by adding value to first-party developer titles.

On top of providing unique opportunities for alternative game distribution, Tilting Point is currently leading development in the vital next-gen CROSS PROMOTION space, to drive user acquisition and create a direct relationship with the world’s gamers.


Our partners

Tilting Point brings an unparalleled level of expertise to our partnership. They are the cornerstone upon which our Web Shop successes are built. Tilting Point is more than just a partner; they're an extension of our team. Together, we're redefining the future of Web Shop experiences. - Xsolla Leadership Team
Working with Tilting Point has helped us turn a one-person indie game into a successful and growing company. They know all the ins-and-outs of user acquisition, but their collaborative nature is really what sets them apart. They support their client's vision at every turn, and they help turn that vision into a stable and profitable reality. - Alexander Winn, Edgeworks Entertainment Founder & Lead Developer
We’ve had a great time partnering up with Tilting Point on our last two games. They understand the market very well and have the power to bring in the right audience - the must-have skills for the success of a mobile free-to-play game. - Daniel Nay & Dan Teodescoru, Metagame Studio Co-Founders
Outstanding professional support and excellent reporting tools. Tilting Point is very focused on my company’s needs and is a great partner who works collaboratively in helping us grow to the next level in a financially responsible way. - Greg Mills, Nix Hydra Games CEO
From the beginning of our partnership, Tilting Point has been extremely helpful in all aspects. They have a real 360 focus and excellent support. The result is not only that our game greatly increased its revenue, but it has also made us look at Tilting Point as a future strategic partner and a world elite publisher. - Magdy Shehata, FunRock CEO & VP Mobile Gaming at Fragbite Group
Think of Tilting Point as the Swiss army knife of your game's success. They’re some of the most experienced, talented, caring people I’ve worked with and they bring all of those qualities to Cat Game every day. Through Tilting Point, we reached millions of users we otherwise wouldn’t have. - Sash MacKinnon, Mino Games Co-Founder & CEO



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