Tilting Point

Tilting Point's Proprietary Technology

Meet Dora, Cat and Gondola

Our powerful trio of data-driven tools leverages machine learning technology to achieve stronger results at a faster rate. All of our tools are custom designed to maximize performance of free-to-play games.


Creative Automation Technology

Creative Production Time Cut by 50%

Nothing is more important to UA performance than fresh creatives and that’s where our friendly “CAT” comes in. The proprietary technology will auto-generate static and video ads from existing creatives. As the monthly output of creatives grows, the profitability of your campaign skyrockets!


User Acquisition Technology

20% Raise In Ad Spend Efficiency

Meet “DORA”, our 100% data-driven AI. She optimizes your game’s user acquisition spend and ensures that every dollar spent is getting the highest possible return on investment. Capitalize on this new-age machine learning tool, and watch your game soar!


LTV Technology

20% Increase in ARPU

Ride the Gondola! It’s a platform that uses machine learning to optimize offers and ads to ensure your game’s economy is at its peak. It pushes your profitability up and builds a steady wave of engaged players.

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