User Acquisition

Leverage our $132MM war chest and deep UA expertise to power your growth. If you have strong UA in-house, we can also simply fund your campaign.

User Acquisition Fund


Benefit from instant access to our capital war chest to fund the acquisition of players for your free-to-play game. It is not a loan and it is not equity-based. We assume full investment risk while you watch your game scale and your revenue numbers rise.

User Acquisition Management

Data Platform & Technologies


Our proprietary AI will re-optimize your ad campaigns multiple times a day. It uses data pipelines, machine learning, and heuristic models to maximize profitability.


Pulls together data from platforms, ad networks and ad monetization partners to provide insights on your media buying in realtime. Currently supports 21 different connections.


Save time with our automated reports. Track your growth through our multi-channel marketing reports on an easy-to-read online dashboard, or get them sent directly to your inbox.

Campaign Management Tool Suite


Constantly analyzes performance of ad creatives by demographics and keeps the best performing creatives running while automatically replacing your least-performing ads with new creatives that have been optimized through data feedback. It allows us to always address each audience segment with the best creatives and messaging to attain maximum impact.


Generates thousands of custom ad campaigns in seconds using ad network APIs. Our technology speeds up the ad-creation process, giving you the efficiency and speed your game needs to scale. From creating beautiful visuals to measuring how audiences interact with these ads, our UA team and AI tools boost performance.


Creates target lists based on player behavior for look-a-like modeling and re-engagement purposes. Whether you are trying to revitalize high value players or acquire new users of a specific profile, our proprietary technology analyzes all of the most important pinch points in the player experience to target users based on their likelihood to make in-app purchases, engage with in-game ads, or perform other key actions in your game.

Our Expert Team

On top of offering capital for user acquisition, our dedicated team of experts in all areas of game marketing and optimization will work with you to get your game the attention and revenues it deserves.

Campaign Managers

In charge of day-to-day strategy and making sure your UA campaigns are always running optimally.

Data Scientists

Building custom tools and tailored reports to make sure you see results from each and every penny you invest. Experts at predicting accurate ROI and other results.

In-House Artists

Fresh creative assets each week help you maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.


We produce high quality creatives for each of our developer partners backed by analytic data and targeted art direction. For each game that we are scaling, we create up to 10 new assets per week to keep our ads fresh and optimized. We also constantly optimize store assets to increase conversion rates.

+15% ROAS

The Arcana

Playable Ad

+50% CTR


Video Ad

-30% CPI

Food Truck Chef

Video Ad

+40% CTR


Video Ad

+86% Conversion Rate


In-game ad optimization

+40% Installs

The Arcana

Store Icon Optimization (ASO)

+87% Installs

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest

Store Screenshots Optimization (ASO)

-40% CPI

Tap Busters

Video Ad

A Deal for Every Situation

Two different formulas for two different needs – both built for the same goal: scaling.


Ideal for: Studios with live games that need some extra financial help to grow their UA and resulting game revenues.

Our offer: We give you the capital you need to invest in your game and help it grow.


Ideal for: Studios with a live game that is scaling which they would like to see grow faster. Studios that want to invest in UA but don’t have the funding or the expert UA resources.

Our offer: We will fund your UA efforts from the world’s largest user acquisition fund, and we will make sure you see real financial results from that investment by putting our team of UA experts, data scientists, and artists to work creating and managing campaigns with quantifiable results.

"In Tilting Point, we found a partner with unique expertise in mobile to help fund significant growth in our customer-acquisition program."

Jon RadoffCEO & Founder of Disruptor Beam

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