Live Game Publishing

A 360° publishing solution to supercharge the growth of your live free-to-play game on any platform.


Creation of high quality and creative concepts based on data for use in UA, in-game, ASO, and additional business endeavors.


Funding and managing your user acquisition campaigns to bring your game to a large and profitable audience.

Production Support

Testing and quality assurance to ensure successful releases of global launches and major updates.


Managing positive and mutually beneficial relationships between your business and players.

Design Analysis

Innovative consultation on in-game optimization including key features, meta gameplay, UI, and UX.

Licensed IP

Pairing the most powerful brands with top-quality developers to create stellar products.

Big Data Tech

Large pool of resources tracking in-depth metrics and player behaviour for consistent iteration.


Improving your game’s discoverability in the app stores and optimizing your visual assets to maximize conversions.

Social Media

Posting high-engagement and shareable content across all social networks.

Platform Distribution

Delivering and promoting your game to a diverse set of store fronts, providing access to all possible players.

Live Ops

Testing and optimization of in-game events and promotions to boost engagement and monetization.


Cultivating a community of active players to share and communicate with to build brand adoption.


Increasing brand visibility, providing key market insights, and capturing the highest quality of users.


Providing consultation and ad mediation management to maximize ad revenue.


Discovering the perfect ambassadors for your game and brand to boost audience reach.

What are we looking for…


We are seeking games that use a free-to-play monetization model and are already live on major gaming distribution platforms, such as the App Store, Play Store, Windows Store, or Steam.

Proven Traction

Your game is already live and generating some traction, as shown in already collected data we can analyze.


Innovation is always desirable, wherever it appears in your game, as it is one of the secret ingredients of success.

Great Team

We want to build strategic long-term partnerships with great, talented teams and help guide them down the road to success.