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How PWRUP is Creating Community

16 Nov 2022

By Bridget Hearst @ Stardust

At Tilting Point, we believe that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the games industry. In order to introduce players to Web3 gaming with seamless, engaging and genuinely fun play experiences, we partnered with Stardust whose tech allows us to integrate blockchain into our games, and alongside Polygon Studios we created our shared Web3 platform PWRUP.

Community is at the center of the most memorable mobile games experiences. As we begin to bring gaming communities from Web2 to Web3, we have a responsibility to preserve and enhance those aspects players enjoy most. Thankfully, our friends at Stardust share this philosophy.

Why do people play games? There are lots of reasons. Maybe you’re trying to escape reality for a bit. Maybe you’re looking for a way to socialize and connect with friends. Maybe you’re trying to be the best at something. But there’s one reason that’s more important than any other: because games are fun.

Early Web3 game models of monetization first left the general sentiment that this new type of gaming was focused more on financial gain rather than player experience. But Tilting Point knew there had to be a better way, so they created Game Alliance, their Web3 gaming arm along with PWRUP, their Web3 platform helping them bring millions of gamers already engaging daily in their games into Web3.

Tilting Point (TP) has a catalog of over 40 games with millions and millions of users around the world already, and their player base keeps coming back to the games because they are enjoying their experiences. By leveraging their expertise in building gaming experiences, Tilting Point saw the unique position they can offer to not only their existing player base but to Web3 gaming with PWRUP.

The goal is to bring Web3 elements to some of the existing Tilting Point portfolio as well as bring in new partners to build Web3 games with. “The idea is that we are creating this PWRUP platform with Game Alliance where other games that are already fun and established can come into the Web3 ecosystem. Through PWRUP, players will be able to earn loyalty points by completing fun in-game objectives, these points can then be used to purchase $PWR, TPs utility token which is built on top of Polygon. One of the really cool things about PWRUP is the fact that you’ll be able to carry the points you earn from game to game – so you will be able to discover, play and earn in new games as they are added to the platform. We see Web3 as the future of gaming, and the sky’s the limit to bring in fun games that want to incorporate play-to-earn functionality and be at the forefront of the Web3 movement,” said Mel Wallace, Marketing Director.

To position themselves to be a leader in the emerging space, Tilting Point created PWRUP to focus on all things Web3 and create community. One of the integral elements of Web3 is the community. For Community Manager, Carmen Alarcón Villa, “from the beginning, it’s about building relationships with your community. Web3 is a departure from Web2 where you connect in more personal ways with your community. Be relatable, listen to them, understand their needs, and allow them to feel part of the building process.”

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