At Tilting Point, we operate dozens of games on multiple app stores and we have built a systematic process for our asset production and submission for each of them. 

We are aware that many game developers and marketers are still confused regarding the types of assets required by every store, or the guidelines that need to be followed in terms of messaging or artwork. 

When it comes to ASO, the elements that can be used to increase your search/browse visibility and your conversion rate share the same traits across all stores but are not exactly the same.

For example, Google Play allows you to use short descriptions that are shown when your game appears in recommended games, but the other stores do not have that feature. 

If you create video trailers, Apple’s App Store will only allow gameplay content. While on Google Play, you can use cinematic scenes. But you can only use one video on Google Play, while Apple allows you to have up to 3 and the Amazon’s Appstore accepts 5.

Most app stores require a square icon, but the Microsoft Store prefers to use a rectangular one. 

You can place your game in 2 categories on the App Store, but only in 1 on Google Play, while the Microsoft Store doesn’t have a strict limitation.

And so on. 

It can be tricky to keep track of all these differences and anticipate properly your content production. You also need to be aware of all the requirements of every app store so you avoid having your submissions rejected. 

This is why we have decided to make available our comprehensive ASO guide for all the app stores mentioned above. It is an easy to digest spreadsheet that summarizes all the requirements for each platform along with creative sizes (icons, screenshots, videos and promotional graphics), titles and descriptions lengths, and outlines the guidelines you need to follow to make sure your submissions are accepted and are compatible with the experience that the app stores want to provide to their audience.

The Definitive ASO Guidelines for Games in 2020


You can find our ASO guide here: Tilting Point’s ASO Specs and Guidelines for Games –  2020 

It will be updated as soon as the app stores add new functionalities for app submission listings or if they change their guidelines. We hope you will find this very useful in the coming year. 

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