We believe independent developers own the future of games and we exist to help them succeed. Our goal is to address the needs of talented game developers everywhere and give them the tools to control their own destiny. That’s why we’ve put together a team of experts in their respective fields, hand-picked to aid the world’s best developers in realizing their creative visions and finding commercial success. With zero internal development, we focus entirely on the needs of our partners and their games.

Independent developers are our industry’s greatest source of creativity, inspiration and innovation. Tilting Point is the equalizer that allows talent to shine and compete on an even playing field with the rest. As we have grown, we now have the ability to extend the same services, resources and expertise of the team we’ve assembled to a wide range of developers and games.

We invite you to submit your projects for partnership consideration.

What we look for:

  • Games that are over 50% complete, are playable, and can be demonstrated in a video.
  • Games that are of exceptionally high quality, regardless of their monetization model.
  • Games that are primarily developed with mobile markets and hardware in mind, and are playable currently on those platforms.
  • The game should be unreleased, though games in soft launch are allowed. We do not consider games that have already launched globally.
  • Games that are not based on real money gambling, adult, sexually explicit, illegal, obscene or infringing content.